Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back from the dead...

Well, back from the hell that is final papers. Besides the point. I know today is not Friday, but it seems like I have enough catching up to do that the day doesn't really matter anymore. So, this weeks Belle of the emerging artist ball is photographer, Sunni Johnson.

Johnson does photography as well as mixed media sculptures and collages, but I think her strong suit is really her photography series. She uses her friends as models in theatrical backdrops created in their everyday environments. Johnson's photographs recall iconic pop cultural figures on a subconscious level. Between the costumes and dramatic poses Johnson is able to create renderings of film stills from the type of movies that would have seemed legendary cinema classics for the early '80s generation.

The two series that Johnson has completed to date are Portrait of an Ingenue and Knave or Not. Here are my favorites from the two collections:

UPCOMING SHOWS: Johnson will be showing at MINT Gallery in February.

WEBSITE: Website is under construction but should be up soon. I will post it on this review once it is up and running.

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