Friday, April 9, 2010

A few words on fate and chickens

I certainly am someone that believes that idea of making your own luck and am not totally one for predestination. But, sometimes, it is hard to ignore the fact that certain things have a way of coming into your life where pieces fall seamlessly into place like it was always meant to be.

I can only chuckle at the now aptly named title of this blog, as its near future will most certainly be shifting to more of a focus on my attempts at self-sustainability in the form of gardening, chickens (near future, please!), and the can of worms diving into those interests produce. I hopefully will indeed be cultivating my garden soon enough.

So, how is this fate? In the last month I have been doing a good amount of research and digging into the world of vegetable gardening. While my house is a mere 600 square feet, the back yard is significantly larger. While I have always had a bit of bad luck with growing things, I was suddenly overcome with a potentially insane, but optimistic nonetheless, desire to create a vegetable garden of my very own.

The first thing I did was to finally get on the Animal, Vegetable, Miracle train about two years late. I was sold. Now, any ideas that have previously been shoved off as impractical have come to a head. As I finished the last page of the book, hell as I finished the third chapter of the book, I felt like I had been given a dictate. Then, this afternoon I received an email announcing that I had won a contest for books on canning and chicken raising! It is meant to be.

So, from now on the blog will be shifting more in this direction as I begin to try my luck once more with growing a green thumb.

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