Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A brief introduction.

So, as my undergraduate career is coming to a rapid close I am realizing that the only traces of work that I hve to show for myself are very dry, academic writings. Well, hopefully this blog can correct this sorry state. So, I christen you, dear blog, to be my forum where I can unleash musings on things that I encounter in my daily happenings. Hopefully there is some continuity to this once it is all over and done.

Since I have no writings to present at the moment, I suppose the best way to start things off are to establish some sort of connection between this blog which will eventually be chock full of writings, and my other cherished internet addiction which simply has things that I find throughout the web and post either for research, general amusement, or simply things to keep in the back of my mind via internet.


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G. Lamb said...

Hello, lady. Haven't seen you in a few forevers!