Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hop into spring.

Despite the burst of cold, spring is here! Now, I am not a spring chicken. My prime months are early May to late October. I will take a fading summer over an oncoming deluge of allergies and rainy weather any day of the year. But, the one thing that I do look forward to every year, right as the pollen comes, fresh blades of grass sprout, and magazine racks piled sky high with the 'prom' editions erupt has finally arrived: The day after Easter candy sale. Oh yes! The week is still young and I feel confident that there are still plenty of Cadbury Creme Eggs left to be had. Seriously, whoever thought of creating a candy that looks like an egg is brilliant. What a fabulous way to celebrate the commerical aspect of a holiday all about eggs. Although I am not in this grouping, I'm sure there are numerous people who dislike hard boiled eggs. Because of Cadbury, they too can enjoy the holiday! Brilliant.


G. Lamb said...

Your icon is, like, LEG CITY!

Jessica said...

Ooooo shit! Some Cadbury Eggs! Evan's class is pretty good. I'm working on churning out a paper for him now. What are you up to my lady? We need to go out together really soon. I have no plans for after grauation, so I guess I will be around Athens for awhile.

christa t said...

I think I just got diabetes reading this post.